About The Zen Den

The Zen Den is located in Dunstable, Bedfordshire and is run by Jen who is a qualified Holistic Therapist. Jen is passionate about natural healing and offers a range of treatments which are non invasive ways of kick starting the body to heal itself naturally.

The Zen Den also has its very own online shop offering bespoke gift boxes, tailor made to your requirements. Natural Incense, Herbal Teas and Lattes, Hand Made & Plant Based bath and body products and more...

Quality Service. Attention to Detail. Relaxation at its best.

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About Jen

I started my training in Holistic Therapies in 2005 as soon as I left school. I feel this is my calling in life. I absolutely love my job and love helping people to relax. The main aim of every treatment is for my client to feel more relaxed than they ever have before. I believe the body knows how to heal itself, given the right fuel (food ) and encouragement ( Holistic Therapies). I use my reiki healing ability during my facials, reflexology, massage and thermal auricular therapies which enhances the bodies natural ability to heal itself even further and boosts the relaxation levels. I am proud of what I have achieved already and am excited about what the future has in store.

I am passionate about people following their path and trusting their calling. I believe that every experience we have been through has shaped us and directed us to exactly where we need to be today. Trust the journey and enjoy the ride. We don’t get long enough on this earth in this human experience so let’s all enjoy ourselves whilst we are here. Keep it simple and enjoy the little things. Oh and look after yourself in the process or let me do that for you...

Love Jen

Pyjama Parties

We welcome you and one other to come and chill at The Zen Den and enjoy guilt free healthy snacks and drinks. You will get the chance to do Meditative colouring, read wellbeing magazines or just relax whilst you and your friend take it in turns to enjoy 2 x 30min treatments each with a choice from:

Facial, Massage, Reflexology, Ear Candles and Reiki

Started by a group guided meditation, aura smudge and singing bowl healing. 

£50 per person

Suitable for 2 people. 

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109 West Street, Dunstable,
Bedfordshire, LU6 1SG



Mon-Weds 10:15, 12:30 & 18:30 by appointment only.


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